10 Hair Clips Under Rs. 30 available online

10 Hair Clips Under Rs. 30 available online

Nowadays, in India Online shopping is picking up. People buy a range of items from needles to AC online.

Though these are lot of hair accessories available online, but they are most of time costly from their offline counterparts.

You may be able to find a lot of fancy hair clips but daily use hair clips either too costly or very less choice is there.

At Anokhi Ada, we list some of the most common hair accessories which are everyday use hair accessories.

Here is our pick for hair clips available online under 30 Rs.

Clip 1 : 

This Heart Print Banana Hair Clips at Rs. 20

Clip 2 : 

One of the most Useable Black Tic Tac hair clips available at Anokhi Ada Only Rs.30.

Clip 3 : 

Criss Cross Translucent Small Pink Banana Hair Clip for Girls and Women at only Rs. 20.

Clip 4 : 

Most of the People like animal print Hair Accessory.

Clip 5 : 

This is Pointed Hair Clip with Pearl at Very Low Price.

Clip 6 : 

Curvy Black Tic Tac Hair Clips.

Clip 7 : 

Blue Color Translucent Hair Claw/ Hair Clip give an elegant look to your hair style only at 30 Rs.

Clip 8 : 

Straw berry Pink Plastic Tic Tac Hair Clip only Rs.20 Perfect for your Kids and Girls.

Clip 9 : 

Barrette Hair Clip are also available on  Anokhi Ada only Rs. 30.

Clip 10:  

Floral Hair Clips for Girls.

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