Our Team

Our Team 


We just have a core team of three people with load of support from family girls and kids. The profile of core team is as follows:

Syed Mazhar Ali:

He used to be a Professor in Mechanical Engineering. Having expertise in machine  design, he puts his engineering skills in designing hair accessories. He established this venture in 2015.

Faiza Shahid:

She conceptualize and design almost all the stuff for Anokhi Ada. A chulbuli girl by heart and silent on words, she mostly communicate non-verbally. She enthusiastically take care of our packaging. An artist by nature, she got a great skill in making tattoos but never publish them. 

Rafey Khan:

The "Pata Nahin" guy of our team. Just like I am Groot, his answer for every question is "Pata Nahin" (I don't know). A good executioner, you give him any job and he will execute it by concentration. However weird the job is, it is execute smoothly. 

And Girls and Kids:

Zainab, Sarah, Umar, Aliza and Usman:

These kids in ascending order test our patience and products. They need chips and chocolates in return for the testing job. Zainab  and Sarah also our models and help us a lot in taking images of our products.