5 Reason to 'Why scrunchies are Better than Hair ties ?

5 Reason to 'Why scrunchies are Better than Hair ties ?

1.Scrunchies prevent Hair Damage.

    image source: hairtiestypes_Large.jpg (1200×900) (onlymyhealth.com)

    While a Hair Tie or a rubber band cause Hair Damage and breakage, a scrunchie provides an extra layer of protection with the additional fabric.

    2.Chances of Losing it are also less.

    We all have a habit of losing or forgetting things. Yes really i have also lost my hair tie so many times. but since I started using scrunchie it never lost because whenever i want open my hair i wear it on my hand and its looking beautiful in hand as well.

    3.Scrunchies are Fashionable and Stylish.

    Now days, wearing scrunchie is also trend and these are very stylish and fashionable. These are available in many of varieties which a buyer always want so many variations and made from many types of fabrics like

    • Satin Scrunchies
    • Velvet Scrunchies
    • Net Scrunchies
    • Cotton Scrunchies
    • Georgette Scrunchies

    Many Varieties of scrunchies are 

    4. Very Easy to make.
    image source: SCRUNCHIE-HOW-TO-MAKE-PROFESSIONAL-HAIR-TIE-at-home-learn-to-sew-7.jpg (800×993) (bp.blogspot.com)
    Making Scrunchie is a very easy process so we can customize these with our desire. We can make these at our home to using few steps and few materials. 
    Click the link to learn how to make scrunchie in just few minutes. Easy steps by Apple Green  Cottage.
    5. At AnokhiAda.com you will find pretty scrunchies at very affordable price.
    Here at AnokhiAda you will get your scrunchie at very affordable prices and many varieties as you want.
    In our Satin Scrunchies collection you will find the all types of satin scrunchie as all you know satin is always good for our hairs.
    In Velvet Scrunchies collection you will find velvet scrunchies and in Other Fabric Scrunchies collection you will find the scrunchies which are made from varieties of fabric like Cotton, Georgette, Net, Rayon, and silk etc. and the Zipper Scrunchie Collection you will find Zipper Scrunchies.

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