6 Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles

6 Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles

Now days, Scrunchies is one of the most useable hair accessory. the best part is using a scrunchie is that due to scrunchie no more hairs are falling this is really a big advantage. 

Most of the girls are using scrunchie instead of rubber band because most of the time hair rubber breaks the hair and also most of the face hair damage problem.

And that's a good thing that scrunchies have many design and variety. Scrunchies are of many types  like Satin Scrunchies, Velvet Scrunchies, Net Scrunchies, Georgette Fabric Scrunchies and many Other Fabric Scrunchies.

There are many way to Styling your hair with Scrunchies. 

Today, We talk about 6 easy and pretty Scrunchie Hair styles.

6 Easy Scrunchy Hairstyles | Kirsten Zellers - YouTube


The first scrunchie hair style is very easy and pretty for making this hair style we need just one and two scrunchies and a small rubber only.

Take your half upwards hair and tie with rubber and then lose it and take a turn to inside your pony in upward down. 

You can turn it twice to make another style.

Like this it was looking more attractive with two scrunchies. This is second look is much attractive.

This another one is very cool and give you a funky look. Using  two scrunchies with side two pony.

In this hair style use for scrunchies and make your two side pony bubbly look. Its looking very cute.

This last one is my favorite messy and high ponytail look is such a classy look.

Make a Messy Bun with Ponytail with using your favorite scrunchie.

Here you can watch full tutorial by Kirsten Zellers.

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