Anokhi Ada Scrunchies is Trending Keyword in March 2021

Wow, we never expect this. 

"Anokhi Ada Scrunchies" is a trending keyword in March.

See the Google search console views. (Google Search Console is a Google tool to examine search queries pointing to your website See Here)

Search Graph for Anokhi Ada Scrunchies 

Isn't it wonderful. We started taking our website seriously just 3 months back. Also we started making scrunchies only in October 2020. 

We only do advertisement on Google Shopping Ads and occasionally on Instagram, yet we are seeing this result. This is quite encouraging that our users like us. 

Also, I google ads report shows that "Anokhi Ada Scrunchies" is getting at least 100 impressions per day. 

We don't know about competitors because we never really cared about them. We make our own scrunchies and we are very proud of it. Our website currently ranking at 26000 at Alexa in India (See here). 

This all is despite of the fact that Anokhi Ada is name of a famous movie and it is quite tough to get compete on Google for a famous name. 

But thanks to our users and their liking, we are riding high and built a momentum for us. 

Thanks again

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