"Honesty is the best policy" 

We read it from our childhood. Unfortunately, most people did not buy it. They knew it but did not follow it. 

This is because honesty is expensive. It did not come cheap, it is associated with a cost, and the cost is too heavy. 

At AnokhiAda.com, our main USP is honesty. We never commit a promise which we cannot fulfill. We are so committed to it that we did not care about the cost due to it. 

For example, we never did false promise that we deliver our orders in one day (as we don't own a courier company). We are honest about the quality of our products. We are honest about the policies of our website. 

Some likes the honesty, some did not. Most of the people like comfortable lies more than uncomfortable truth. 

You may like it or not, we are honest in all our deeds. We never promise a thing which we cannot fulfill. If someone asked about the quality of product, you will get an honest answer. If we are selling it does not mean it is always good.

Of course the lesser quality items comes at a lower cost. In future we will try to include as much information as possible with all our products. 

We are here, flourishing from 2015, fulfilled almost 2,00,000 orders. 99.9999% of our customers are happy customers.  

And we are happy to give your money back if you are not satisfied with us. If the design is different from what we are displaying, we will refund you. 

Honesty is all we got. Rest is immaterial. People remember you only when you transact with them honestly. We want to be remembered with our honest dealing.

When you try to order Hair Clips, or Scrunchies, or Headbands from us, feel free to ask anything and expect honest answers. 

We are available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst and Whatsapp. You may connect us anywhere if you like. Most of the time, we answer in realtime, sometimes a lag would be there, but answer will come for sure. 

Thanks for visiting Anokhi Ada, the best place to buy daily use hair accessories in India

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