It's all about choice

It's all about choice

Choice is very important in life. I like some design, some I hate or did not like much. 

Here, some people wonder why we are selling individual item. Why not make a bunch and provide free delivery et al. 

As our founding principle is about choices. It all depends on individual choices. I like white colour Juda stick while I don't like blue colour. 

Keeping this in mind, we got rid of unnecessary bunches (though we still sell some). Though it is painstaking process to take picture of all individual bun sticks and editing them, still we take this pain and took the pics of almost all individual products and make them available at a low price. 

This has other benefits also, almost all items are quality checked when they passed from our hands. We check each individual product in the process. 

So if you need some individual product like only one juda stick why bind you to buy a bunch of six multicoloured sticks (like you see on marketplaces). 

We are not marketplace. We own our inventory, we are a small internet based shop and each of our customer is equally important to us. 

If you want to buy a bunch, select individual colours and make a bunch of products you need. It will still cost you less than what marketplaces are selling. 

So enjoy our website, even if you don't want to buy anything. It is like roaming in a large shop of hair accessories (though you may see more products here than your regular hair accessory shop).

Even if you finalize your order and want to change something, we are here for you, very much approachable, you may connect anytime for the order related queries. 

Happy Shopping

P.S. On this date, we have more than 2000 products and we are consistently adding new ones. 


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