Launching New Cool Colour Scrunchies for Summers

Launching New Cool Colour Scrunchies for Summers

Summer is arriving fast. In fact, in north India, temperature reaches a new height. 

Summer brings us cool and light colours. In summers, fabric which we used should be breathable. Cotton is the fabric of preference in Indian summers. 

One blog even wrote a full article on what to wear in Indian Summers. 

Keeping this in mind, we launched a whole set of cotton scrunchies for summers. These scrunchies comes in cool colours and patterns and made of pure cotton fabric. 

This yellow scrunchie is made of cambric cotton. It is a variant of cotton which looks and feels cool in the summers  


I personally prefer black any day. This black scrunchie looks elegant yet fashionable with any of the outfit. 

This white scrunchie is made of pure cotton with bird pattern on it. We named it birdy. 

Spruce Scrunchie

Flaming Scrunchie

Salty Scrunchie

Slushies Crunchie

Flora Scrunchie

This is the color I like most. Though we did not named it, but it is ideal for holi festival. 

Grab your piece now before it ends. Our good design sold very fast. 

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