Need: How started?

Need: How started?

It all started with 'need'. 

One fine day in 2013, school diary of Sarah has a noting by her class teacher which says that "All girl students have to wear blue plastic headbands".  If was like the headband in the pic below. 

Our colony in Faridabad has only one big school and maximum students from the school belongs to the same colony. Sainik Colony in Faridabad has a small market which contains two stationary shops at that time. 

When we reached the shop, almost all blue headbands were already sold out. The headband cost nothing. It was almost 30 Rs at that time. 

Our colony was located at outskirts of Faridabad and the nearest market was almost 3 kms. We decided to go there with family. 

First we searched for blue headband which we were not able to find. We searched and shop for all things necessary and unnecessary but the purpose was not solved. 

We spend almost 6000 bucks (apart from parking and petrol), bought all things except that headband. 

After that I searched online for a single blue headband and unable to find one on almost all online websites. 

This was the gap which motivated me to start this venture. If I need a headband of a particular colour and not able to find it, why not start selling simple daily use hair accessories which everyone needs. 

Then in 2015, we started selling simple hair accessories online like plain hair clips, plain plastic headbands. We are quite successful in our venture. 

Here at, if you want to buy a single plastic  headband of blue or red colour or whatever your school recommended, we are here for you. We will try to make available all the things which are common daily used and required by school.

Our purpose is to give our customers full choice to buy anything be it a single red colour satin scrunchie or a single black scrunchie.

So it is the 'need', the gap which started everything which we identified and started a venture. 

Right now, we are making our own headbands, our own scrunchies, some of our own hair clips and adding items daily. We are also selling many plain daily use items at very affordable price. 

How we started this website, that was another story to be told and will be tell later. 

Thanks for the reading 

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