New Launch: Customized Headband

Almost a year back, during lockdown, we started to design and manufacture our own designs. Prior to that, we sell only items normally available in market. 

We faced many problems in designing these headbands. First we tried wrapping only ribbon and small bows over our headbands (Ribbon Wrapped Headband)

Time by time, iteration by iteration, hit and trial, we improvised our designs. Now we are making some awesome designs. Though the older designs were also not that bad, but newest are awesome. 

In our quest to perfection (which probably no one can achieve), we are perfecting the art of making headbands day by day. 

Initially when we make only fabric covered headbands, we sold some headbands which matched with kids dresses locally, people liked it and we are still making them.

But for online sales, the process is cumbersome,  first you are required to ship the fabric, we make headband in one or two days and then ship back to you. At the earliest, it requires some 15 - 20 days to complete one order, which is long time in online business. Although some customers are there, but very less bothered about shipping fabric to make only one headband. 

Fifteen days back, one customer contacted us on Instagram (yes we are very responsive on Instagram) for a customized headband. She asked us to write her name on the headband. Since we designed our own, we wrote her name and she liked it. 

We showed the photograph to another set of customers and they also liked the idea. We made some more headbands for them. Some of them even ordered two headbands of different colours.

So we decided to launch this product on our website and here it is for you.

Click Here for Customized Name Headband.

Anokhi Ada Customized Name Headband

Believe me, it is very comfortable on head and looks awesome. It may be your OOTD for all occasions. Since we are making it exclusively for you, you may decide the fabric and colour (subject to availability), beads used for writing your name or anything else. Just convey your requirement on E-Mail or WhatsApp (Please don't call as we have very limited staff)  

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