Soft Headbands - New Designs - June 2021

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New Headbands for June, 2021
Phew!! Last few months were too busy making scrunchies alone. We crossed 200 design and 300 design benchmarks in Feb and April respectively. Now we are just shy of our 400th design of scrunchies.  
In fulfilling the orders of scrunchies, headbands took a backseat. Now we are again active in making headbands and we introduced some seven new headbands. 
Here are they
Design Process:
We make our headbands with comfort in our mind. Testing is another important aspect in designing our headbands. The headbands must not be too loose on the head nor too tight.
For this, we tested our headbands on 4 different real heads. Our concept of comfort is that the headband must fit on all heads and everyone feels comfortable with elastic. The age group on which we tested them are 11 years to 35 years with normal to small heads. By doing this, we were make sure that the headbands fits on all sizes 
If you have a small head and you want to tighten the headband more, you can make a small stitch on the seam by an easy process. We will make a separate tutorial for this. 
If you have some specific requirement like you want to customise your headband or want to make something extra small or extra large, just connect us on any of the following channels and we will check the feasibility for the same.
If you have time, check our Instagram feed at, we have some awesome designs there. You can also message us there in real time. 

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