The Scrunchie Problem

The Scrunchie Problem

One of the problem which we faced about scrunchies is that what elastic should we put in scrunchie. 

Scrunchies are preferable for hair because they cause less hair break. Also if you want your hair lose, you may wear them in your hand. So a scrunchie must be comfortable in both hair and hand. 

If we put 3 mm round elastic (which is used in most hairbands), the Scrunchie will be too hard for hand, also it will also cause hair loss of you wear them too tightly. 

So we used quarter inch (6mm) flat elastic in all our scrunchies. This elastic is soft enough to not too tight on your hand and hard enough to give 3 turns to your ponytail.

Since we cannot control the quality of the scrunchies we procured from third party (these scrunchies are available at 30 Rs a piece on our website), we started making our own. 

Taking into consideration that the Scrunchie must be comfortable in hand also, we fitted all our scrunchies with soft elastic. 

We make it long enough that it would be comfortable in your hand. We actually tried each and every scrunchie in our hand to check the comfort level of the Scrunchie. 

We also make it large enough that it would be fitted on a hair bun. Also even if you have thick hair, you can turn these scrunchies upto at least two times on your ponytail. If you have thin hair, you can make 3 to 4 turns (we cannot guarantee a 4th turn, but we tried upto 3 turns on our dummy). 

 These scrunchies are available at our store at an affordable price segment of 49-99 Rs. We have almost 150 designs in our Scrunchie catalogue. You can try some of them and judge by yourself. 

As usual, honest suggestions are always welcome. We don't mind criticism as it is quite helpful in improving our quality. 


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