Why buy hair accessories online in India from AnokhiAda.com?

Why buy hair accessories online in India from AnokhiAda.com?

The question is why buy hair accessories from us? No one want to trust an unknown website. 

We as a brand Anokhi Ada is selling hair accessories on all platforms from 2015. Also we are not a marketplace. We sold what we have in our physical stock.

These are some of the advantages of buying hair accessories online with anokhiada.com 

What you see is what you get. 

This is our main commitment on selling on our website. You get what you are seeing. Some design and dimensions. Sometimes, colours may fudge up due to photographic conditions, but design is guaranteed. We give you a guarantee that if you got a different design what is advertised on our website, you got full refund (along with delivery charges) for your order. 

We own our inventory. 

Marketplaces does not own their inventory. So most of the time you saw multiple sellers selling same product. If the seller is not original who created the product, most likely, you will end up getting a look alike product. 

 We even wrote dimensions of each and every product. We never send you the lookalike product with different dimension. 

Some of the product are designed by our own artisans. You may find these product exclusively on our own website these products are tagged with designed by AnokhiAda. We guarantee you about the quality of these items.

Freedom of choice.

We don't force you to buy a bunch that contains an unwanted item. Since hair accessories are low priced item, you will find the sellers are selling a bunch of these items. Say, you hate green colour, but you end up buying a bunch which contains green colour. Although we also sell in bunches sometimes, but you will also find individual colours on our website. 

One stop shop for all hair accessories 

Either you need school colour plastic or fabric headband or you need daily use hair clips and Bob pins, we provide you all at one place. We have a full catalog only for daily use items like headbands, ponytail holders, scrunchies, hair clips and earrings. Also if you need something customized, like you need a pure fabric headband of hard headband colour, just message us. Since we manufacture our own designs, we can make it for you. 


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