Why we are not offering COD?

Why we are not offering COD?

Some people asked us why we are not offering Cash on Delivery or COD. 

Though it is a simple question, but it need a proper explanation. 

You may read full merits and demerits of cash on delivery in this blog post by shiprocket.

First is that we don't have our own delivery service and by and large, we depend on third party courier services. 

These third party courier services charges a good sum for COD orders. Minimum charge for COD is 50 Rs per order above the regular courier charges. 

Also if the customer rejects the delivery, we have to pay both ways for such orders. That is every rejected COD package cost us almost 150 Rs. 

Who pays for these costs which does not turned up in sale or did not provide any value for us. To remain profitable, we have to pass these cost to our customers, a proposition which we don't want to apply. 

Since we are selling most of the items which are low price point, increasing the price will deteriorate our relationship with our customers.

To provide value to our customers, and to provide most affordable products for our customers, we decided to remain a completely prepaid shop. 

So enjoy browsing our website, and if you need something, try to order it once, we promise, you will not be disappointed. 

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