How to make nice 💖✨fabric covered hair clips from scrap (DIY🌺) -

How to make nice 💖✨fabric covered hair clips from scrap (DIY🌺)

Tik Tak Hair Clips

.Hair Clips are integral part of girl’s wardrobe . Hair clips looks very cute on young girls and kids.

tik tak hair clips

One of the most common used hair clips in India are tik tak hair clips also known as snap clips. These clips are easy to tuck in and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One of the problem which you may usually face is unavailability of your favorite colour or match. And matching clips looks extremely beautiful on girls and kids.

One of the advantage of these tik tak hair clips is that you can customize them easily.

I usually save some small piece of fabric from my dress to make a matching hair accessory. for example, I make hairbands for my young sister like thesegirl wearing matching headbands

These tik tak hair clips also use in daily use to hold your hair back and prevent distraction which is mostly done by hair.

And these tik tak hair clips used in fancy wear, party wear and enhance your style.

But there is also a problem that they get rust in them and color also gets chipped off or become dull. Now, what to do for those old Hair clips ????

We will make use of these old clips again by some easy steps.

How to Decorate tik tak hair clips more beautiful and useable by using old tik tak hair clips.

Easy steps to make your old non useable clips more attractive and useable.


If you have old tik tak hair clips which are rusted and become dull you can make it beautiful in some easy steps.

First decide what you want to make from them . It may be some old strip of cloth or if you want to match with your dress, a small strip of fabric will be sufficient. you can choose so many materials like fabric, faux leather, velvet, lace, ribbon etc

you can choose as you desire.



I’ll choose fabric strip

Now, lets start

Step-1: Make sure to how much length or width you need for your clip. you gave it as your choice. I’ll choose 4cm of width and 7.5cm of length of the base of the tik tak clip. so make sure take dimension of your clips so that they easily hide the metal base always take some clearance for gluing.

for example, if you need 4cm wide, take your fabric 5cm so that 1cm is used in gluing.

Step-2: Now we will mark the dimension on the plastic strip and foam. we will use foam with plastic because without foam hair clip become thin. I decide to use foam with plastic strip to make our tik tak hair clip base. mark the dimension on the plastic as well as foam.

Step-3: After that cut the foam and plastic as you mark the dimension on it and stick foam and plastic together to making base. This base become thick due to foam. Now base is ready, next is to covered your base with fabric strip or what you want to stick on it.

Step-4: Choose the fabric strip which you have cut the fabric but more than the first one dimension because we have to fold it inside. Folding the fabric inside give clean look to your tik tak hair clip.

Step-5: Stick the fabric on the top of the base and fold the remaining fabric part rest. Now, leave it to dry.

Step-6: Now our base is ready we will take our clip and mark the size of our clip on the felt.

Step-7: We cut the shape of clip to the felt and paste the clip between the felt and the base.

Finally our cute and beautiful fabric tik tak hair clip will be ready tuck it as your style

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