Now days, Many types of earrings are available. There are many variety and types of earrings. From delicate stud earrings to large hoops. There is a whole world of beautiful jewelry.

Types of Earrings

Let's see which are the main types of earrings. Of course, you can find many combination on the market and many creative design. Depending on their shapes, There are six types or earrings.

1.Drop Earrings :

These are elegant and usually, fall below the year.

2. Dangle Earrings :

These are a special types or drop earrings but they are approximately half an inch longer.

3. Chandelier (Jhumki) :

Any thing with umbrella look which is ornate or flowy with clasp or French hook. You can recognize chandelier earrings by their special shapes and multiple lines of gemstones.

4. Stud Earrings :

Stud earrings is the appearance of floating on the ear without a visible from front point of connection. These are tiny and versatile, appropriate for any occasion.

5. Hoops :

Hoops are small round and circular earrings which comes in different sizes with clasp stem. also known as Baalis.

6. Cluster Earrings :

Cluster earrings features a cluster of gemstones. Huggies hoop earring or simply huggies are hoops with a band of gemstones.


Use earrings to highlight your best features designs centred on your ear -stud or small styles - highlight the eyes, while a chandelier or drop earring accentuate jawlines.

Jwelery styling is very important to wear your jwelery. On the Basis of styling earring you known that when choosing earrings you also have to consider your hair color and texture, along with the shape of your face.

In this guide, we will learn How to style your earring ?

Earring for women have certain matching rules depending on your hair style, face shape and clothes.

Your face shapes and different types of earrings

The Inverted triangular face

This shapes face can be balance to make it seem as your jawline is wider. Chandelier and tear drop earrings are the style that can create this illusion and enhance your beauty.

The Oval face

This type of face can allow you to wear almost any type of earrings. Simply stud earrings enhance your lovely cheekbones.

The Round face

This type of face, all styles of drop earrings will elongated your face and also make it look slimmer.

The Heart shaped face

You can use teardrop or chandelier earring at this type of sharp shape of your chin. Because the earrings are wider at the bottom, they will fill in the lower part of your face making it more balanced.

The Long, Narrow face

For this type of face, it is best to wear circular earrings that will emphasize your face's width, such as short dangle, hoops, clustered earrings

The Square face

To soften the hard edges of your face, you can go for round-edged earrings.

Hair style and Earring

There are three things you need to consider your hair length, how you wear your hair and your hair color.

Hair length and Earrings

You may love your wavy hair but when it comes to earrings, short hair means more freedom. With short hair, you can practically wear any type of earrings and you will look fabulous.

When it comes to long hair styles, you should avoids studs or tiny hoops because the hair will conceal them.

The best types of earrings for long hair are the linear drop earrings and large gold hoops.

Hair color and Earrings

If your hair color is gold, gold plated on platinum earring look great.

When it comes to other colors you should pay attentions. If you have blonde hair color, avoid white earring.

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Different Hair style with different Earrings

If you like to wear braids or a simple ponytail, try cluster or huggies. A side braids looks amazing with Hoops.

If you are wearing your half up, half down, you can balance your features with a delicate pair of stud earrings.

Styling your earring with other jewelry is crucial. Because your earring are the jewelry piece that hang the highest on your body.