9 Easy and Amazing Bun Hairstyles using Bun Sticks / Juda Sticks

9 Easy and Amazing Bun Hairstyles using Bun Sticks / Juda Sticks

 Nine Easy and Amazing Juda Styles using Juda Sticks 

Juda Stick is one of popular hair accessory among girls who are making buns with their hair. Though some girls also maintain their bun shapes using hair clutcher or hair claws. But making bun or juda with juda sticks is very pretty in its own sense.

Some girls specially doctors used their ball point pen as bun stick to increase their usability. Office going girls with long hairs prefers to maintain a bun over open hairs or messy hair style.

Here we are presenting 9 insanely easy juda styles using bun sticks.

Hair Bun Using Juda Sticks

This is the most common bun in India. This is simple to make, just need some bob pins and a simple juda stick. 

Accessories Required:

This is another juda style using simple U-Pins commonly known as juda pins. This bun looks pretty as well as elegant in its own sense. 

Material Required:


This is one style which I liked the most. A simple infinity design with a juda stick. It looks easy to make and easy to maintain. Also, the shape of bun has less chances to messed up. 

This juda style looks elegant but it is most hard to make than other styles. We took these images from the videos of a YouTube Channel named Khushbu Style. You can see the video below. 


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