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Anokhi Ada Handmade Dual Sided Satin Hair Bonnet Sleep Cap (36-10)

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  • Anokhi Ada Handmade Satin Bonnet.
  • Design: Dual Sided Satin  Bonnet. You will use it with both sides.
  • Material: These Beautiful Bonnets are made of Satin.
  • Soft and Silk Fabric will protect your hair.
  • Satin Sleep cap bonnet perfect for women hair. It protect your hair to damage, loss and Gives you naturally beautiful hairs.
  • 2 Side use.
  • Perfect for every women who love his hair.
  • Ideal for Girls and Women.
  • Package include: 1 Satin Bonnet.

Anokhi Ada Launched these Satin Bonnet for women and girls who are in love with his hairs.