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Anokhi Ada Plastic Beads Stylish Latkan Cuff Bangle Bracelet for Kids and Girls (AO-12 Bracelet)

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Rs. 49.00
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Rs. 99.00
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Rs. 49.00
  • Material: These Bracelet are made of Plastic Beads.
  • Colour: Blue
  • Ideal for: Kids and Girls
  • Usage: Perfect for Party and in Special Occasion and Events Package
  • Content: These Bracelet/Bangles comes in pack of 1
  • Dimension: The Width of these Bracelet is 6 cm almost

These Stylish Bracelet from Anokhi Ada is made of Plastic Fiber. Perfect for Girls, Kids Stylish and Trendy Latkan Cuff Bangle Bracelet - Stylish for all occasions / Festivals. We have many Beautiful Colours and Variety.