Anokhi Ada Scrunchies is now more than 300 design strong.

Anokhi Ada Scrunchies is now more than 300 design strong.

In February 2021, we launched our 200th Design of Anokhi Ada Scrunchie

After the awesome month of February, in March, we launched our 300th design/colour of Anokhi Ada Scrunchies. In fact we now have almost 350 design / colour. 

Below is our 300th design. 

So far, our journey is too good. It is like a dream run for us. March 2021 was more awesome than February. 

In March, we got our first bulk order. We send samples and the customer liked them so much that she ordered same colour scrunchies in bulk. 

The product development cycle does not stop here. We thought, in April, we will concentrate only on headbands. The old designs nearly stocked out and we still have almost 300-400 fabrics to experiment with them. 

The fact which we learned from this journey is that the scrunchie market is not uniform. Some of the people love scrunchies with soft elastics, some like hard elastics. Apart from elastic sizes, fabric length is also and issue. Some loved large scrunchies, some does not like large sizes at all. In fact we got a request to make a scrunchie with 8-9 inch wide fabric (fabric length of most of our scrunchies are 5 inch except minis). 

Later, we received a lot of customization request on Instagram and WhatsApp (this may be an article in its own right). We love the customization requests. They help us to better understand the variety of scrunchies one required.

About reviews

Till date, we got many positive reviews. You can see them on our Instagram channel at customer reviews section.  

So far so good, this is our journey so far. April also turns out good so far. We will keep you posted at the end of month what we achieve and what are the hinderances we faced this month. 

We will soon publish a complete size guide for your reference. Right now, just to understand the sizes, our 70 Rs scrunchies have large fabric length while scrunchies with a price tag of 49 Rs have a shorter fabric length. 

Thanks for the support till date. If you have any grievance or a question about our products, connect us anytime on any of the available channels. Most of you know that we are very responsive to queries. 


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