Launching 200th Design of Fabric Scrunchie

Launching 200th Design of Fabric Scrunchie

Today, we launched our 200th fabric scrunchie. Now we have 201 designs of fabric scrunchies in our catalog. 

The new design is awesome. We love it as we love our customers. You can see by your own. Below is our 200th design (You can buy it here). 

And below is our 201th design (Buy Here)

When we started in 2015, we sell only headbands and hair clips. We sold almost lakh of headbands and lakhs of hair clips. We started making scrunchies during lockdown and faced a lot of problems

After seeing a lot of YouTube videos and tutorials about scrunchies, we figured how to make a perfect scrunchie. Though we are also selling some readymade scrunchies procured from market, but our designs are awesome. 

Trading the scrunchie is easy, you don't need your own manufacturing facility. You just buy from market, decide your margin and sell to your customers. 

The problem in this model is that the quality takes backseat. When the manufacturer has to produce 10,000 scrunchies per day, they use low quality fabric, most of the time scraps which is available in kilos from the fabric manufacturer. 

Three months back, we decided to make our own scrunchie. We experiment with different types of elastics, different types of fabrics and it turned out that satin, velvet, chiffon, net and georgette is perfect for making a comfortable scrunchie. 

When we shifted our website to a new system, three months back, we lost all our search ranking and backlinks. Now we are coping up and increasing our catalog month by month. We sold almost 300 scrunchies from our own website in the month of January. Apart from that, we sold almost 350 headbands, loads of hair clips and bob-pins on both marketplaces and 

Thanks for loving our products and in the end, I want to say, we love our customers and we really care for them. A satisfied customer is worth millions for us.


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