Awesome month - February 2021

Awesome month - February 2021

Whattay month!!

February was awesome. The season was awesome, we make awesome products, users gave awesome feedbacks, sales was awesome. 

First thing first. The season in February was awesome as usual. Such a pleasant weather here. Though at the end of month, summer knocks on the door and indication of much worse upcoming summer season in north India, but overall, it was pleasant. 

In the search of a perfect scrunchie, we iterate and iterate and still iterating. Experimenting with all sort of fabrics, with all sort of widths and all sort of lengths of fabric. Comfort for the user is our main motto. We still adding new designs, new fabrics, new length of fabrics and so on. 

We started taking our website seriously from Dec 2020 due to absurd policies of marketplaces. We met our targets every month. In February, we completed our monthly target at Feb 22. What a month it was. Thanks to our users. 

We received quite awesome feedback from our users. 

Here are some of the reviews we received. 



And there are many more. We still don't know how to download numerous Instagram stories otherwise we will post them here. 

The sales was very good. We received unexpected number of good orders. In February, our monthly target was reached by Feb 22. Out of our 290 scrunchies, 75 were sold completely and stockout. We are trying hard to get them back to stock.

Apart from scrunchies, we sold almost 300 hair clips, 200 headbands, 50 customized headbands and a lot of other merchandise. 

Our strength is that we are approachable, we are very very responsive, you can message us any time for either a pre-sales query, for support after sales, you expect a quick resolution. Being a lean organization has its own benefits. 

In the last we want to say that we love our customers. Whether you buy from us or not, whether you have any greivance, we still love you. And we know that this love is not one sided, you people also love us, love our products, love our customer care etc. 

Thanks for reading this. 

 PS: Most of the text posted here is without proofreading, all grammar Nazis are welcomed here to correct us. 

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