New Launch - Satin Headbands - July 2021

New Launch - Satin Headbands - July 2021

Satin Headbands are a bliss for the perfect hair. Nowadays, with emphasis on using less plastics, elastic or soft headbands are in trend.

 Satin is soft and for hairs, it is extremely good. Satin scrunchies cause less hair fall in comparison to hair ties. 

Similarly, satin headbands are super smooth on hairs. Satin headbands are comfortable for long hours on head. If elastic is comfortable, they do not cause headaches. 
Satin also looks beautiful on your head. Satin scrunchies in combination with headbands look super elegant yet stylish. 
In June, we launched a couple of soft headbands. Now, in July, we are launching satin headbands with solid colour. Also we made some amazing fusion colours in satin for the July launch. Since this is the last week of June, we are including all of them in our July launch. 
Here are some of our solid colour launches.
Baby Pink Headband 
Neon Blue Headband 
Slate Grey Headband
Veronese Green Headband
Daffodil Headband
Blackberry Headband
Matching scrunchies for the above headbands are also available on our website. If you need some custom design, you can contact us anytime. 

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