We are trying to get better in 2022

We are trying to get better in 2022

We promised you that this year we will bring many changes.

As all know, We Started Our First Giveaway in January and lots of our customers Participated in it.

Read this Blog  to know our Happy Customer.

and some of our Instagram  FAMS participate in it and it was so enjoyable. We used to enjoy in that month.

In feb and march we are working on new design new stuff. We did upload the masks though we are not perfect at that yet but we are still trying to work hard on it.

Then to get motivation, I read some Quotes from Google.com and I got this one from there 

We succeeded in making the Scrunch Headband , Satin Bonnet , Pillow Cover , Bows , and still working on new design.

 Also Check out our new Collection of Handmade Satin Bonnet


And We've launched something unique AnokhiAda Multifunctional Ribbon and Multi-colors Dupatta's

Know Multifunction Ribbon through this Blog .

And we will continue to bring you amazing things like this.

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