April 2021, The Month That was....

Progress Report April 2021

This is the regular series of articles we posted our monthly progress. This is the report of April 2021. 

 We built a momentum in February 2021, retained it in March 2021, and April 2021, What a month. 

We shifted this website to a new system in December 2020. Promoting it a bit from January 2021 and the first four months are awesome. 

Despite the second wave of pandemic stuck in April, our sales still moves to the north in April. We got love of so many customers that we lost count. 

This is all despite of the fact that we are completely prepaid, never give COD (Cash on Delivery or COD is a popular payment option in India). Our website does not have a very great design (though it is functional in every sense). Currently, we concentrate only on one category i.e. scrunchies (We have lot of scrunchies in our catalog, we also have some 2500 other products in our catalog). 

Here, I am presenting some graphs for your purview. 

Graph 1: Sales from January to April 2021

Graph 2: Number of Orders from January to April 2021

Graph 3: Online Store Sessions from January to April 2021

In all these graphs, we does not disclose absolute numbers, although they are on higher side. 

This website is running on Shopify and we only done advertising on Google Shopping. Still our users searches us on Instagram and give us review there. We will add a review section on our website soon.

We love all our customers, we acknowledge and address every query, however small it is. Our customer trust us, we are getting repeat orders from  our customer which is also a great thing.

This is really wonderful. Sometimes, we just don't know how to react to the appreciation messages we got. 

We love everyone of you. A thousand thanks if you read this. If possible, leave a comment. A simple smiley will do the job.  

Thank You

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